Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are wearable blankets for babies and toddlers who often kick off regular blankets and sheets during the night and wake themselves up when they get cold.

Unlike swaddles your child has room for movement in a sleeping bag, yet they are restrictive enough to keep even the most adventurous tot from climbing out of their cot.

Pom Pom & Puffin’s sleeping bags were created specifically for all-year use in tropical climates or the warm summer months in the Northern hemisphere. They are made out of gossamer thin layers of cotton cambric, which keep your child cool and comfortable. Depending on how warm or cold you keep your child’s room, either add layers of a long-sleeved sleep suit and additional blankets or just a simple T-shirt.

Our material is so soft that the sleeping bag itself becomes a wonderful comforter for your baby and slipping into it becomes part of their bed time routine.

Our design is adjustable so one size can see your child through from 6 month to 2 years.

The delicate embroidery designs are inspired by the world of interior and always add charm and magic to your child’s room.